Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Launchpad AD9850 preliminary beacon experiments


J2 of ad9850:
Connect pin 1(VCC) to pin2 (D0) and 3 (D1)
Connect pin 4 (D2) to pin 10 (GND)

J4 of ad9850:
Connect pin 1 (5v VCC) with wire to TP-1 of Launchpad (use jumper here)
Connect pin 2 (WCLK) to pin 11 (P2.3)
Connect pin 3 (FQUD) to pin 12 (P2.4)
Connect pin 4 (D7) to pin 13 (P2.5)
Connect pin 5 (RESET) to pin 15 (P1.7)
Connect pin 6 (GND) to pin 20 (GND)
Connect pin 10 to Antenna

Code used to program DDS, see  and modify:

 #define W_CLK 11       // Pin - connect to AD9850 module word load clock pin (CLK)
 #define FQ_UD 12       // Pin - connect to freq update pin (FQ)
 #define DATA  13       // Pin  - connect to serial data load pin (DATA)
 #define RESET 15      // Pin - connect to reset pin (RST).